Amy Kubes (USA)

Course :  Accredited Gemologist (A.G.)
Class Intake :  04-2023 (A.G.)

Amy Kubes @amylynnkubes attending and earning a gemology certification in 2019 was by fate and destiny. The story starts back in 1989, when Amy’s father, Rick Kubes, was attending the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show in the USA. Rick befriended Mr. WK Ho and his son Kennedy Ho. Then in 2015 Rick, Kennedy, their wives and Amy reunited in Tucson by chance, by fate. They redeveloped their friendship and continually have dinners In Tucson every year.

Amy Kubes is a 2019 AIGS Accredited Gemologist. She previously obtained her Bachelor of Arts Degree at the University of Texas in Arlington, where she excelled in Interdisciplinary Studies. Her passion for learning never ceased and her aspiration of becoming a gemologist was to be achieved.

Amy Kubes chose gemology because of her love for gemstones and jewelry. Her passion began when she grew up working part-time at her family’s 77 year-old jewelry store, Kubes Jewelers, from 12 until 23 years of age, learning from her father who is a gemologist and family members, several of whom are also gemologists. There is now a 4th generation carrying on her grandparents legacy. Amy also has a love for rocks and mineral specimens and joined Arlington Gem and Mineral Club. By fate, Amy became friends with another club member, the late Ms. Frances Johnson, a GIA GG. She was the oldest living, practicing gemologist in the world at 103 years of age who mentored her.

Amy is now a private jeweler helping clients around Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, USA. Amy works with her dad, Rick Kubes, and decided to name her business @collectiblesbyrickkubes in honor of her father/mentor. She buys gemstones, settings, finished jewelry and creates custom jewelry. Amy says, “trust and reputation are everything in this niche industry.” They attend annual gem and jewelry shows in Tucson, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada while reuniting with friends she made all over the world because of AIGS and her father’s connections of over 50 years.