Vicki Van @vickivanjewellery (Chinese New Zealander)

Course :  Accredited Gemologist (A.G.)

Vicki Van @vickivanjewellery  (Instagram) is a Chinese New Zealander who studied International Business and initially wanted to have a career in nutrition and food science. It was her godmother who told her that if she could turn back time, she would pursue her dream to study jewelry instead. Feeling like a younger version of her godmother, Vicki was inspired and first went to GIA before coming to AIGS to learn about gemstones.

While studying at AIGS, she visited nearby countries like India and Sri Lanka to buy loose gemstones and diamonds. She then brought them back to Bangkok to manufacture them for her jewellery line. She would then take these jewellery pieces back to New Zealand, working with auction houses and jewellery stores there. Instead of following market trend, she makes jewellery products according to her inspiration and preferences in antique and vintage style.

Vicki finished the AIGS Accredited Gemologist Program in 2019, earning her A.G. credentials. Reflecting back on the course, she remarks: "I enjoyed my time in Bangkok and studying with AIGS was very fulfilling. The amazing thing about studying with AIGS is the classmates I met are so diverse and most of them are in this industry. Bangkok attracts people from all over the world. My classmates came from Egypt, Switzerland, South Africa, China, Thailand, Belgium, Australia and so on. The friendship and the business network we gained from this course is priceless. I''m still talking to most of them and I established some business with some of them as well. AIGS is a great networking place for this industry."

"I also remember AIGS took us to Chanthaburi and Sri Lanka to check out the gemstone markets and mines. The value we received from this course is way more than what we paid for. Anyone interested in gemology, especially colored stones, I highly recommend you to study at AIGS as it has the best color stone samples in the world!"